Wild Flowers Foraging

Wild Flowers Foraging - student project

Wild Flowers Foraging - image 1 - student project

Finally managed to have ago at putting a bouquet together! Yay! Our local supermarkets haven’t had much in the way of flowers recently. However, we recently found a beautiful woodland walk near our home which is much quieter to walk in during social distancing. Today I took my secateurs with me and gathered some wild flowers together.

When I got home I laid out everything I needed, luckily I had some fabric left over from an abandoned embroidery project, and laid out what I had found:

Wild Flowers Foraging - image 2 - student project

I then rewatched the lesson chapter on arranging the bouquet and go to it! Was so much fun! I love how it’s turned out. I used different textures by finding different green foliage and added some bark and twigs for a little woodland twist. 

Wild Flowers Foraging - image 3 - student project