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Christine Esoldo

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Wild Blue Fox

I'm doing this project to create a logo for my jewelry line, Wild Blue Fox. It is a contemporary line inspired by salty beach days and balmy city nights. It's for the girl who loves fashion, but lets her accessories (i.e., jewelry) do most of the talking. I strive to capture color, texture, and architectural inspirations in my designs. 

The name Wild Blue Fox means: 

“Wild blue” for the ocean (and the spirit of wanderlust) and “fox” as a term for an attractive woman

A few other creative points: 

Tone/keywords to consider:

Authentic, non-conformist, creative, bohemian meets rocker, urban beachy, urban bohemian

This design should be scalable as I envision the product line expanding beyond jewelry at some point and becoming a lifestyle brand for the active, urban beach lifestyle (active wear: yoga, running, SUP/surf and casual wear).  


A woman between the ages of 25 and 45 who loves the beach and yearns for the freedom of the sea, whether she lives at the beach or not (in fact, she probably doesn’t, but she wishes she did and she loves the beach lifestyle). She is a non-conformist, open-minded, a lifelong learner, loves nature and feeling connected to it, slightly restless, and constantly on the go. She views jewelry as an expression of herself, she is creative, and may have dabbled in DIY with jewelry at some point (she may like a “design your own” type of experience at some point). She loves lazy beach days and balmy city nights and her ideal place to live is a city by the beach (Miami, San Diego, LA, Charleston, Honolulu, San Francisco, etc.).  


I went with a lot of surf brands, as well as retailers where my target demographic probably shops and online jewelry retailers. 


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