- student project

Wikisway visualizes how everything is connected - people, business, entertainment - putting information in context. Currently we are in beta with a Crunchbase visualization tool, which allows users to search for tech companies, startup founders, venture capital firms and more - and see results in an interactive explorable graph.

Our product is live at - image 1 - student project

Long term, our aim is to show how any two people, places or things in the world are connected - by intemingling data streams and using advanced search technology. For instance did you know Mark Cuban and Justin Bieber are connected? How about Mark Cuban and Sarah Palin? How about Mark Cuban and Me? These answers can be found with a single query. - image 2 - student project - image 3 - student project

By visualizing this data, we make it easier for people to understand the world around them and quickly process a large volume of information that would normall take hours. We think this sums up nicely:

“More sophisticated visualization techniques can enable people to see patterns in large amounts of data and help them to unearth the most pertinent insights.” McKinsey Global Institute 

User Aquistion

We entered private beta in December 2012 with a handful of friends and family testers. We've since grown to nearly 1000 users through word of mouth and direct outreach to tech early adopters, particularly heavy crunchbase users, startup founders and investors.