Irina Almgren

Getting animated



Wiggly dog


I created this dog directly in Ae. It took me a while and I am not yet happy with the eyes. Would love to help it to wiggle as it is a lively creature, despite the nostalgic look.

I think it wiggles on the inside already but on the outside it could wiggle its short pointy tail and it's ears, I guess?  


STEP 2 - Trying out wiggle 


I decided to see how wiggle would work with a tail and at least one ear. (Ideally, the dog would be wiggling its bum but that would require a whole differnt build of the graphic! :) I run into a problem, though: I had placed the white and the brown part of ears onto different layers (as shown in the image above). Just couldn't fix it and got lost in layers with different groups and subgroups. Even though I managed to move the group with the brown part into the group wiht the white one, the Transform property didn't move and the change applied only to the white part. :-0 


So I animated the tail with a little wiggle using the wiggle technique from this course. To add some action, I added the textured background and animated it. I first added a few keyframes for Position and Rotation and then used the Wiggler window (cheating) and dialed in the settings for frequency and magnitude. It also allowed me to choose the Jagged noise type, which is in line with what I wanted.   


STEP 3 - the video of what is but not the end

In the end, the dog is still quite static because only the tail is moving and the wiggle is quite subtle. I need to organise the content of layers so that it's easier to animate.   


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