Christina Perez

Foot loose and fancy free.



Wiggle Nibbles.

Foundation Movements:

Foundation Movement # 1:

Source Djembe Master! "Lamban/Tiriba": Bolokada Conde Djembe Fola

Unofficial Name Swooping Arms

Timestamp: 0:40

Artist:  Nabe Bangoura as well as other dancers from Ballet Merveilles

Notes:  The movement orginates from the Lamban Dance which is a dance of celebration in Guinea, Senegal, and Mali. I love the way their arms just just swooping. The movement seems both elegant and aggrasive at the same time.

Foundation Movement # 2&3:

Source Soul Train Line Dance YOU SHOULD BE DANCING by Bee Gees

Unofficial Name: Groovy hips, Goofy Knee Spin.

Timestamp: 1:30

Artist: Unsure

Notes:  I love this guy. He is just full on boogey. His hips are out of control wiggly. His stances is fairly low. His goofy knee propells his spin.

Foundation Movement # 4:

Source Heads Will Roll Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Unofficial Name: Wiggle and Whip

Timestamp: 1:30

Choreographer: Gary Lloyd

Notes:  He wiggles his body down then whips his head to the side. I love the way he just sends his head back, the movement seemed very spontaneous and look like it burst through him.

Foundation Movement # 5:

Source 500 Days of Summer Dance Sequence to You Make My Dreams

Unofficial Name: Twist and Shout

Timestamp: 1:10

Choreographer: Michael Rooney

Notes:  Reminds me of a classic twist. It's just a happy moment. It's a movement that easily I can relate to the emotion. 

What I would like to get out of this Class: I would really like to be able tos just express the joy that I have for life in my movement. I am happiest when dancing and it's something I can't contain in myself. I love to wiggle from my head, through my fingers, down to my toes.  I'd like to blend, tribal, funk, and a little jazz in my movement. I want my move to be a celebration of life. 

Playlist: I LiKe to Move it GroOve It

Can I Get Get- Junior Senior

Smiley Faces- Gnarls Barkley

DVNO- Justice

Living It Out- Planningtorock

Stylo- Gorillaz

Phantom- Justice

Vietnam- Crystal Castles

I Got this Down- Simian Mobile Disco

Let It Out- Girl Talk

Rhinestone Eyes- Gorillaz

Heads Will Roll- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Baptism- Crystal Castles

Sleep Deprivation- Simian Mobile Disco

Let There Be Light- Justice

Empire Ants- Gorillaz


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