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Wierd postcard to send

Hi guys! In this class I want to show you my favourite 5 approaches for making an original texture. I find it very useful for you as a graphic designers, moreover the process itself is very joyful and inspiring. I myself enjoyed it so much! That's why why I decided to share my knowledge.
In this class we will use an ordinary tools such as brushes and ink and watercolour as well as fume. :)
I made a short outline for class and... I'll add a pics to it as soon as possible.

It's here, the outline

I hope we will enjoy the process and result!

13 may
I prepared some examples and want to add it to my outline. Actually, I decided to make a PDF with a short tips and instructions for the class sources.


So, that's a probably one of my favourite result's


16 may

I bought tripod for my phone, finally. And now thinking on my introduction video...and how to say so many things I want to say in 2-3 min.))

18 may I did it, guys. Now you know who is my alter ego ^) 
Hello, everyone it's my intro! 


24 may Oh... Deadline is soon, but I'm not fast enough, but... here is new video


31 may

A couple of sleepless nights and pain with video editing ... and here it is!
my first class! 

Weird postcards based on experimental textures

Thank you for your help and attention, everybody.


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