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Widespread Panic poster design

For this project, I've chosen the southern rock/jam band Widespread Panic who are playing in Atlanta, GA for New Year's Eve 2013.

The fanbase of this band is tremendous, they tour the country with them every year and are avid poster and memorabilia collectors. The fans consistently bring merchandise that does not infringe upon the copyrights of the band or venue and the band allows the sale of merchandise. I will be selling the posters so I won't be using the band's full name or the name of the venue.

The poster I'm creating will hopefully reference the band's history, songs, and general style in the hopes that it will be popular among the fanbase.

This is a sculpture of the Greek myth character "Atalanta" or "Atlanta" the city that the band will be performing in and with whom they have a colorful history (they are from the nearby city Athens, GA)

In the recent past, the band has been producing gig posters with strong, sexy women on them. Who could be sexier than the mythologically fastest running human on Earth?

Here is a more developed sketch that includes Atlanta, and the crescent moon that will be in the sky on New Year's Eve 2013.

It is inspired a bit by Art Nouveau, and a bit by Japanese poster art. I hope to retain a certain "classic" feeling to the work. The band's music is definitely part of the legacy of classic rock.

I know I'm starting late but any feedback would be appreciated!


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