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Widdershins: 2-week Calligraphy Challenge

I had a hard time choosing what to calligraph, but then I stumbled upon this old-timey, magical unicorn of a word—“Widdershins.” Widdershins is an adverb meaning “in a left-handed, wrong, or contrary direction to the natural one, especially contrary to the apparent course of the sun or counterclockwise: considered as unlucky or causing disaster.”

I’m left-handed, so this word speaks to me and my seemingly far-fetched dreams of being able to produce any sort of beautiful writing. (In fact, I recently tried to set up some calligraphy lessons, but once I mentioned I was left-handed, I never heard from the teacher again. True story.) But, damn it, I will not give up!

I may write the definition, or maybe try to come up with a simple phrase about embracing a life lived WIDDERSHINS.

Here are some practice sheets, complete with a few of my signature left-handed smudges sprinkled in.


Here are a couple of loose sketches. I want the word "Widdershins" to be the focus in either version and the goal will be to make it pretty loopy and whimsical.

BUT, I'm still unsure whether I should go for simple and straightforward with a little phrase (which might be more appropriate for this project?):


OR, go for the definition idea—written counterclockwise, of course. The definition idea is appealing, since the word is pretty obscure. (Well, at least it was for me before I dug it up off the interwebs.) I didn't fit the whole definition in my sketch, but am just trying to figure out a layout at this point; I definitely want to include the bit about it being considered unlucky or causing disaster. I thought it would be fun to include little illustrations of things that represent the definition—left hands, disasters and little bad luck symbols.



I decided to go with the more straightforward version. It felt more appropriate for this class, although I may also try to develop the other version in the future as well. :)


This is the second time I've taken this class (once at the beginning of this year, and now again for this challenge). I've always wanted to learn, but had never picked up a real calligraphy pen before the first class. I want to sincerely thank Bryn for making it so comfortable to approach and for making it a FUN, relaxed process instead of an intimidaing one. Loved this class!!


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