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53% of college graduates will be unemployed or underemployed. Companies looking to fill entry level positions can't fill their jobs. So how is it that millions of students will be looking to find work and companies can't fill entry level positions? Because employers are looking for experience and schools don't give students real-world work skills. Students do have an opportunity to get the real-world work skills employers are looking through internships. Stats show that students that do paid internships can increase their chance of getting a job after graduation by more than 50%. 

We're developing a web app that matches college talent with meaningful paid internships. We give students the tools to demonstrate potential beyond the resume including assessments and video profiles. We launched in Nov last year and have thousands of students that have signed up. 

Were excited to start getting more companies that want to hire interns and further develop our algorithm to help make the sourcing and recruiting process more effecient by matching more intelligent matches. 


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