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Maria Bruggeman

Graphic Designer // Portrait Illustrator



Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey


It's great to start with part 2! For this class I have chosen a new quote, a Doctor Who one!

Process so far:



Next step is to work some thumbnails out!


I've worked out some sketches and I've got a pretty good idea of what I want! I liked the idea of an surreal-dali-athmosphere and would like to continue with that.


I just digitised my scan but I'm not quite happy about it. The swirls in my pencildrawing are ok but when I draw them with pen I can't get them right. I think I'm going to redraw them with a different pen/stift and maybe redesign them a bit.


Same concept, new drawing!

Background + elements

My drawing digitised:

It's more spacey then timey but it's definitely stuff. ;)

My only great doubt is about the cleanliness of the letters, maybe I could draw them a bit more better. What do you think?


I've changed the background, a slightly thinner line. I'm ready for color!


I've experimented with some colours but haven't found it yet.

Even 3D! :P

I think I continue with the purple/orange one...


I've experimented with some color options. I really like the 3D concept, and they work great in 3D but are without 3D glasses less appealing.

So I've also made some other color versions with a slightly different background.

I'm a little stuck right now, I'd love to get some feedback. :)


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