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(It seems to be the question of progress in programming and dealing with adobe software.)


After wrestling for days with Image Trace, Live Paint, Flash Fill, and Flash Pencil, I have succombed to tracing Image Trace'd vectors with the Pencil tool in Illustrator to finally make SVG's that functioned in Processing. *swipes forehead* Now I'll need to take some time to build a bank of assets.

In the meantime I'll use this rough orange, I geuss for experiments. Here was the first succesful run (the colors are not my 100% favorite-funtimes, but it was a good test of the Color Picking Tool!)


Finally all my syanpses fired, and I realized I had kept trying to make compound paths before but was failing, then tried this new succesful workflow method but never tested it compound paths. Added the final step--

I now have played with HPixelColorist and HColorField



-- I have dreams of awesome honeycombs using HColorField and HShapeLayout....The logic/language of the code is starting to get to me as I more quickly debug my problems, but I would love to find more lit/info on HYPE beyond the site. Have discovered the the info under doc->html, but I don't understand it well.

I plan on going through Grid and Shape Layout, and then taking the time to look through all the other 159 projects on here to read what other folks did and eavesdrop on any good discussions. Then, after preparing some assets I hope to make something more complex.


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