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Gleb Shulishov

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Why you should embrace webinars?


My audience is male/female corporate professionals, age between 22 and 38, living outside the capital city of their country, who are looking for better opportunities.


Their pain #1 is the overwhelming incoming flow of information, that leaves no hope to figure our what's important and what's not. But they need new and good structured information in order to succed in their field. They just don't have time for all this books, courses, trainings, etc.

Their pain #2 is that best offline trainings are going somewhere else and they just don't have time and money to travel and get that precious knowledge. It's so painfull to be outdated.


Their goal is to get the best&latest knowledge and know-how's as cheap as possible and in as short time as possible


I can explain what is a webinar, how is works and how they can benefit from visiting webinars


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