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Nathan Whytcross

Doom is Forever



Why you hiding in the dark girl

I recently moved to melbourne from a small town and use instagram and photography to involve myself in the city. I used Instagram as a platform to meet people and explore, this is led me to the grimmy tunnels under the city. This dark grimmy setting was perfect for me as i like darker and more raw photos which is what i tried to enbody with my final product.

This is the first time i have used Photoshop or Lightroom so it was fun and interesting to learn to use these programs along with learning to use my camera in diferent settings as i only just started to shoot photos.

This is my original photo


I used Lightroom to lower the highlights and bring out the darkness in the photo trying to get the light on the roof to lead the eye the the focus point which is the hand. I brought down the saturation on some of the yellows and reds to match with the bland colour scheme and not destract so much from the photo.


I then used Photoshop to kill the light at the end of the tunnel to create that "trapped" feeling again making the hand the focus point.


Trying to create the grimmy no escape feeling in this photo was a fun learning curve and has set me up with the tools to further my editing skills with my later photos.


I hope you enjoy my final image and would love to hear some feed back and any tips you might have for me.



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