Why we need a makeover of sports for kids.

Why we need a makover of sports for kids.

So, just before deadline my talk was uploaded on Youtube, in "swenglish":) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGL4bDj6GMQ

Unfortunately I inserted the link wrong way (realized today 21 dec...:( ), so the video hasn´t been able to watch. But now it´s up and running anyway...

First time doing a talk in english, hesitated a long time, but I´m so interested in the issues in kids sports, so I kind of forgot to feel uncomfortable speaking in english. Also first time dpoing a speech with a clear maximum length. I underestimated the time I needed to prepare the speech, spent to much time too long on the script.  

I think it´s a new paradigm on its way in sports, a new perspective how we lead kids in sports, I think it´s really important that this shift is coming asap. I hope my talk clearify why think so and hopefullly a few will be inspired to look in to this a little bit more.

I have learned a lot doing this talk. Very exciting! 

Thanks for the feedback classmates, and please feel free to give more:)



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