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Why should I be Afraid?

I have always been a dreamer. An innovator. A game changer. But, the people around me didn't quite like that. I mean hey, how could I blame them? My family, friends at the time...How could I blame them? It was the early 90s...Being a dreamer wasn't really cool (Pre-Steve Jobs Era). 

I went into a real world. Pursued a real world degree. Career. The works. Hit the wall. I liked it...Didn't love it. Change career paths after graduating from the University of Florida and then went to Full Sail. Pursued recording engineering. Started my own clothing company. Inspired others to live out their dreams. Why? Because my purpose was always helping others find their purpose...

But, I was too afraid...I was afraid to live. Afraid to be outside of the box. Afraid to be my truly beautiful self. But now, I am 27. And living life. Living life with a bigger smile than I ever have (despite the photos...I was trying to get my model on). 

I am happy today. I am embracing my fears. Shaking the doubt. Pushing forward towards greatness. I thank God for all the hardships and adversities of losing my mom to breast cancer and not having a father figure present. This is what has made me the man I am today. 

For anyone would crosses by this...Remember that question, "Why should I be afraid?" 

The answer: YOU SHOULDN'T. GET BUSY LIVIN' OR GET BUSY DYIN'. That quote is from a movie. Not sure which one. Take care. 



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