Why organic foods?

I'm interested in organic foods in the moment and so decided to start here for this project. At that point, I've collected informations, reference's photos and made some simple drawings. My goal in this project is to keep it simple, very simple. I especially want to follow Christine's method and experiment and play, not to be overwhelmed by my a too complicated illustration. So this is it for the introduction! One more thing : sorry for my english, I'm a french person who tries to manage with english!


My first explorations...



My sketchbook, exploring a step further, trying to figure out an illustration's project. 

A closer look on what I've choosen to developped:


I then made a clear sketch with all of my stuff : 



And began to color it. I had a hard time, because it was difficult to pick just 3 or 4 colors to be able to distinguish the different kind of vegetables. I'm not sure about my choice, but...


I was not patient enough to paint everything with the brush tool, after one hour, I was far from end, so I changed for the bucket tool and I'm quite happy with this choice. 

I then made disappear most of the lines and with my bucket's choice, the lines became rather empty space which appeals me too!


I added texture (a paper one which was great for the bag) and some halftones for the bottle. I added a background  : 


So, here I am. I'm not quite sure how to finalize this. Do I add something to link the different elements? Do I crop the image?


Finally, I think the text unifies the image and I choose to leave this illlustration as it is . What do you think ?

It was my very first project here and it was a good challenge. Happy to be part of this. Thank your Christine for all the good stuff you have learned us!


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