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Why must I be so awkward...

1. I used to regularly take the Amtrack train for my commute to and from my internship in Burbank.  One night the train was held over in LA well past midnight so I decided to take advantage of the free time and draw some caricatures of the people around me.  One man in particular was (in my opinion) a cartoonist's dream.  He was a tall dark man with an intense face and hawk like eyes...I was immediately entranced by his striking appearance.  I was so happy with the result of my caricature I decided I would show him in hopes of uplifting his spirits.  Around 2:00am when we finally arrived at our destination I approached him with the a smiling face and said quite loudly for all to hear "I DREW YOU SIR...YOUR FACE IS AWESOME!!!".  Immediately I knew I had made a big mistake .  Instead of a hearty chuckle of approval I was met with the most piercingly cold stare of my life coupled with a silence so painful the entire compartment seemed to blush in embarrassment.  What followed was me slowly backing out of the room and clumsily finding my way off the train...all the while locked in an unbreakable stare with this tired man who looked like he wanted nothing more than to punch my face as hard as he possibly could.  LESSON LEARNED.

NOTE: This is not the original drawing...unfortunately I lost it...maybe it's for the best haha!

**This is the story I have decided to go with simply because I personally find it so hilarious (now that time has passed...it definitely was NOT funny at the time).**

2.  My family and I once entered our dog J.R. into the Los Al wiener dog races certain he would show all of the other wiener dogs who was boss. We had an entire posse at the races dressed from head to toe in the team colors screaming their heads off as I placed J.R. into the starting gate.  When the whistle blew and the gates opened all of the racing wieners shot from their boxes and flew down the track...all except J.R.  The poor little guy was frozen solid and wouldn't budge an inch.  I decided to pick him up and run the length of the track myself.  When i brought him back to the stands people immediately swarmed around the both of us and give their congratulations to J.R. on a job well done!

3.  Years ago when I was about 5 or 6 I learned the hard way to NEVER disturb your uncles hulking male Doberman Pincher with a bear hug while he is sitting beside the Thanksgiving feast begging for scraps of food.  The resulting consequence was an instant ticket to childhood traumatization from having my head chomped  into by a giant set of razor sharp teeth and witnessing the most bloodshed I have ever seen in my 24 years of life.  


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