Why are You not Reading?

Why are You not Reading? - student project

Maxi, the youngest of four children, lives in the countryside in Austria. When Maxi was seven years old I studied to become a primary school teacher. Often, when I came home in the afternoon, I learned with the little boy. Maxi was always interested in nature and practical things. Thus, he loved crafts, science, maths, and sports. However, the little boy seemed not to show any interest in learning reading and writing. One afternoon I tried to teach him reading again. I applied all methods I had learned in her lectures at University. Maxi could basically read the letters individually but made many mistakes in reading words or whole sentences. Sounding the letters together was obviously a barrier for him. For me, it seemed that he did not take any effort to read the letters. I complained to his mother that he should take more time to practice reading. But the little boy did not want to sit still and learn. He wanted to run outside to his animals and play in the garden. After all my efforts were in vain, I judged the child to have learning difficulties. I could not understand how all the methods we had learned in university could not help Maxi to learn reading. Due to the many experiences I had had with him before, I did not see a lot of hope anymore. I asked myself how it could be that a seven-year-old child could not be able to read better. I asked myself whether he is not capable of doing it. Maybe he will not be able to read for his whole life. Since his writing abilities were also week and he forgot quite some names of the letters I was really worried about him. My reaction was to talk with his parents and ask them to start special reading programs with this little boy.
However, this conversation proved my previous impression that he is not silly at all. This little boy had special abilities in the cosmic education that were far beyond his age. As I had known before his mathematical competences were extending as well. His parents encouraged me to focus on his abilities and encourage him by taking only little steps in teaching him reading. They wanted him to take the time he needed to develop his cognitive reading skills. His sensitive period for reading might not be present right now. Beyond this, he did not have any interest in learning reading at this point.
Five years later this little boy does not have any reading problems anymore. When he was nine years old his reading competences improved in major ways and he could read as well as other children his age. Now, he is almost thirteen years old and started his own business. The whole year he is growing vegetables and selling them. Recently he started to breed different kinds of chickens and sell the eggs. Everything, he needs for his chicken and garden business he can read, write, and calculate. He has major research skills since he needs so much information for his small business. In his room, there are many academic journals about bees. Voluntarily, he reads some of the articles more them once until he understands all the specific terms. Beyond this, he developed cosmic and sensorial skills. Maxi´s progress showed me that every child learns at his own speed and order. They might not have any special needs, they might not be in the sensitive period for learning a special task yet. If we focus on their abilities, their "disabilities" will improve as well.