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Why Vision Statements Matter

Hello all, 

I recently published my first class, but I feel like I may have put the cart before the horse.  My class, "How To Develop A Vision" is good, but I've realized that it fails to address the first, most essential question:  So what?  I enrolled in Simon's class, and quickly realized that I need to lay some more groundwork for my own class to be successful.  Hence this project.

TOPIC:  The importance of having a good vision statement for your team or company

STAND:  Without a vision statement that people can latch on to, work will suffer, products will be inferior, and morale will be low.

My first job was in a company that had no vision, crappy morale, no purpose to what we were doing day in and day out.  As a result, challenging the status quo was almost impossible.  I learned that it’s easy to say “this is the way it’s always been done” without a compelling vision!

Emotions:  frustration, lack of motivation, no initiative to change, no “Way forward” no motivation to do anything better, because there was no yardstick to measure up to.

WHY a vision statement?  How does it improve anybody’s life?  What difference does it make?


  1. A great vision statement is critical for success
  2. Story of work without vision
  3. So what?
    1. Imagine how much better things could have been!
  4. What does a great vision statement do for you?
    1. Gives you a yardstick to measure everything
    2. Refreshes your mindset about the work you do (does it connect?)
    3. Enables you to clearly articulate what you do to other people not in your field
    4. Promotes workplace unity and morale
  5. What does it look like?
    1. Simple
    2. Honest
    3. Memorable



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