"Why Police Lie Under Oath" Editorial Illustration (Completed!)

Initial thoughts similar to others:

  • Police vs Accused / contrasting visuals of good/evil, dark/light with juxtaposition of the policeman being guilty and the accused innocent

  • It can actually benefits the police officers financially to lie (more arrests = more $$)


1.  Representation of police officer taking oath, imagery of "hiding" or "secrecy" as he hides a fistful of money behind his back.

2. Contrast between officer/accused. Officer in uniform, happy, but wears a mask and money peaking out from behind his back. In contrast, the accused is shown in a "saintly" light and posture

3. Collage representation/allusion to Holy Bible with money peaking out of the pages, and police badge resting on top. Other imagery of drugs/narcotics and page showing arrests on the rise, etc.

4. In a way, the police are hiding behind their badges/or that is all the jurors see. This concept shows illustrated pinnochio nosed figures peaking out from behind a variety of photo-realistic badges and pointing accusingly at a lone non-badge protected figure (the accused).



I decided to come back to this project and finish it. I took Mike's advice for pushing with number 4, but changed the direction slightly using relatively the same position for each. I started different positions, but I found I either could not get enough variety in each pose, or it became to busy/confusing layered with the badge shape. So I went with a more simple approach, same pose, with slight variations to the characters. Not sure how well this still represents the concept and content of the article, but it was a fun illustration exercise.

Each badge is a crop of an alleged criminal, an added detail is their inmate numbers are actually various zip codes of some of the offending cities listed in the article.

And here it is in the article:


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