Why One Million. Why Now.

Live Aid Meets One Laptop

Jr - Americas Football Camp
NIke holds a camp and tournament of regions top under 15 soccer players.(Nicaruagua, mexico, belize, costa rica, etc) Brings Pride and community together to support all children and their dreams. Proceeds along with Nike grants would go to school constructions and pencils of promise. Camp and tournament rotates each year and becomes a major point of pride within the region.

The Pencili is Mightier than the machete Targets guatamalan expats living abroad with a first hand memory of civil war and the reality of growing up without a future. Focuss on heavily concentrated guatalan cities and flows strongly through roman catholic and protestant channels.  Although
Civil war is over a future doesn't begin until children have a chance to learn. 

The World Most prized Pencil.One Show is held in Guatemala. Proceeds of event from global agencies and clients go to POP.  Creative Community pledges to donate one week of it's time to work that elevates the prospects of Guatamala's children.

TEDEX in Guatemala
Specific Topic of conversaton Is children and education. World top architects and thinkers. Spend
time in the region bringing unparalled attention to the opportunites and ways to create profound change.  Attendees swag is filled with POP pencils and notepads with a brief bio of some of the big dreams of it's children. QR code allows attendees to scan donation straight to organization after TED to give out matching scholarship grants for school creation and travelling scholars to this region.

Children Of Known Leaders become face of what it means to educate a child.
Chelsea Clinton, Sasha and Malia Obama, A classroom isn't just where children learn it where they grow and become leaders. Billboard, and interschool ad campaign.

Passport of promise Major Airlines flying in an out of Guatamala participate in campaign.  Give out bespoke pencils to tourists with which to fill out their passports along with information about charity. Maybe a way to purchase pencil?  Somehow having this pencil would allow you to move through customs faster? Maybe third party tie-in with kaplan or similar to pay for extra screeners for just the passengers with the special pencils?

Sponsored Futures - Each school takes on name of corporate sponsor similar to sports franchise (blech but if it gets the schools built maybe it's worth it)

Walk in someone elses shoes.  TOMS and Kenneth Cole etc. during warmer months introduce line
of unique and recogniizable summer shoes. Purchase helps fund schools. RFID Tag products with videos of children and school build. Microsite to see real time progress of donations. Create empathy and stakeholders in story.

Sister Schools. Global Communities. Campaign to create sister schools Tech by microsoft/ participation by United nations that is modern day version of pen pal. Multi Language cross culteral. Goal is to create true global citizens. These schools don't just help guatamala. They bring children from around the world together.

One in a million.  Create a very small donation threshold to increase likelihood of buy in. Connect through pay pal/amazon/itunes store to create thunderclap style of donation experience. Donation is only executed when numbers get to goal and impact is guaranteed.  Use younger ambassoders
to raise mass awareness (bieber, etc.) Give the pledge to be one in a million. Increase social challenge and game quality of campaign to reach goals.

Surfers for Schools
Surf contest in Guatemala World Championships held there. Each surfer rides for a specific school. Surfers meet kids spend time in their villages through original web series we see their stories and whats at stake. Oakley or oneil pays for all schools to be built after contest.

ReDrawing Guataemala Artshow of contemporary guatamalan illustrators commisioned to drawing Guatamalas future.  Travelling exhibit hits heavily guatamalan cities, LA, NY, MIAMI. Musuem players give credence to show Momoa.LACA, ETC. Proceeds of door receipts go to educating Guatamalan Youth. Art is auctioned at end of tour to raise more funds.

Fashion Play. Sweat Shops thrive off child labor. But when you educate a child you fulfill a promise
Leverage existing POP fashion relationships to craft a Fashion Against CHild labor campaign. Line of clothing with slight guatamalan tones are created shown and auction With The CHild thats  learning to be a dr, teacher or artist rather than soldier or indentured servant.

I pencil guatemala.Guatemala is known for coffee. Leverage starbucks to give proceeds back to all bags of guatemlan coffee sold. All Guatemalan cups of coffee, All mugs with "I pencil guatemala"
logo mark.  For that month embrace guatemalan culture in store. Connect to front page of starbucks ipad app where you can see goal, realtime view of donation progress and way to give through the app. Give away music or paid app to encourage donation.

Children Helping Children
Packet of pencils paper and pre-paid envelopes 10 dollars each. Packets are purchased by children all over the world mostly through school. Each packet contains the name and mailing address
of a specfic child that will be helped by the building of a school.  Children write to their new friends words of encourgament and make connections and send package with pre-packaged envelope
back. Personal relationships empathy and postive change forms. Parents support the spirit of generousity and altruism cultivated by their children.

Education for All Follow strategy that maybe Guatemalan schools can educate more than just the children inside their walls? Invite cutting edge tech incubators in the realm of education to design classroom of the future in guatamala. Tech connections with other schools around the world via skype and highspeed fiber make these schools not only schools in Guatamala but educational hubs that as nodes create opportunities for learning to children all over the world.

A Species extinction clock couunting down. Approach education by addressing the affects when communities don't have educational opportunities.  Aimed at an environmental audience dedicated to preserving wildlife and nature. Connects idea that in poverty, crisis and desperation Animals and nature suffer.  By bringing a pencil to a child you bring hope to a country and a sustainable path to protect natural wonders. 



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