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Why It Is Important For An Entrepreneur To Get A Mentor?

Every entrepreneur should have a mentor. A mentor can play different roles for an entrepreneur— being a generalist adviser on entrepreneurs or start-ups, helping entrepreneurs in a specific domain or with a specific job, etc. A mentor should not hesitate to tell an entrepreneur the truth even though it might be what he doesn’t want to hear. He should have relevant knowledge and experience about one of the following things, in the related industry and category:

  • How to build a start-up
  • How to run it
  • How to run a large business
  • Is an influential person

However, do not believe in having as mentor a person who knows nothing about your industry and category because a lot of dynamics keep changing in them. If you are building an e-commerce start-up, there is no point in having the general manager of a pharmaceutical company as your mentor. A mentor’s job is to support you with knowledge and his experience in your business model and then leave you to take the decisions. He should also ensure that you are aware of the obvious mistakes made by start-ups or other companies in your category and industry. He should be a person whom you can see going a long way with the company, not being there just for a phase. The worst kind of mentor to have is somebody who would want you to be like him or carry on his legacy.

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