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Why I'm Fat


Let's Start!

I've had ideas for comics for a while and some even have crappy little sketches, but when I saw this course I was like 'omg yes this is perfect let's DO THIS THING.' Just as recommended, I designed my character after myself. This means that most of my comics are just about me and my life since I'm not exactly social... 


Trial and Error:

Body: I really liked the big eye look but it totally was not me. I feel like most comics have thin characters, but I have like super fat thighs and I want to embrace them rather than lie to myself... I also wanted to draw big hands so I could do clear body language but I decided against it. I also decided against just having minimal glob hands so it's just kind of a compromise. 

Clothes: I wear glasses, but I never liked having them. I hate shirts that basically choke me. Originally I was planning on drawing me in my Nightwind hoodie (best purchase ever), but short sleeves felt like it would work better so I went with my oingo boingo shirt (I love Danny Elfman so gosh dang much) I didn't want to draw the logo each time though.


I'm hoping that the more I draw the more consistant it will be.... I was actually surprised how much expression I could get.


For some reason I work better on paper than on a computer. With both writing and drawing. Also I have to use pen because the urge to erase everything get's too strong when I have that option. It's interesting how important titles are, but I still have no idea what I actually want to name my comic. (Mauve and Melancholy was kind of just a filler name for my project)


even afterthe serious character design I did, I decided to change my character up still. It mostly just involves changing the way I draw the face, but it somehow makes a world of difference. I'm not sure how I feel about the final outcome. I like the drawings and I'm glad I was able to work on a full body in the fourth panel rather than just an up close, stagnant comp. I think my main issue is if people understand that the perfect weather for me is in the fall when it's cool (and happens to have delicious seasonal food). Most people in my town seem to love summer... I do not. I also don't have any sort of over arching title. 



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