Why I want to get fit

I came across this photo of myself at 15yrs old last year, at this time I had just stopped swimming with a local club (I wasn't going anywhere and really not enjoying it any more). But I noticed how slender my legs looked.

Roll on 16 - 17 years and 1 failed marriage I realised things needed to change, and not just like I'd been trying to do for the last 10 years, a mix of Weight Watchers and going to the gym with no purpose other than "I need to lose weight".

So what's difference this time; I've moved countries and with my new start I want to feel more confident in every aspect of my llife, and the 1 area I don't feel comfortable is my body. But not just that I don't want the associated health risks that are connected with being overweight, I don't want to turn into my father and have to have my hip replace by my mid-60's. And for once in my adult life I WANT TO LOOK SEXY!

So I re-joined the gym and signed up with a personal trainer at the end of August 2012 with a starting weight at 250lbs and 41% body fat.


My aim is around 150lbs, but body image is more important to me, so if I have more muscle then I'll be happy being heavier and vice versa. 

Mini goals:

  • To understand what my trainer is telling me and how it affects my body.
  • To understand nutrition and how to apply what I know to my diet.
  • To carry on using weights to lose fat and to convert more fat to muscle
  • To eventually feel like this doing a plank (not the elephant!)

Current status (22/01/2013):

215lbs and 27.4% body fat (last measured 04/01/2013)


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