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Ron Kane




Why I suck at job hunting...


My short piece is how I suck at job hunting. When I recently got let go from my company (after about 9 years there), I originally saw it coming (in the back of my mind) but did not do anything about it (at that time). In hindsight, I "may" have needed to or at LEAST gotten the ball going sooner as a means of getting new gigs lined up. Lesson # 1: Get gigs lined up sooner before end date. I WAS however successful in that I let the process happen as it did so as to ensure that the issue for my being let go was NOT peformance based. Lesson # 2: Peform your task (as your end date approaches) JUST like you would if you had started the job for the first time.

Ok. Two lessons learned there. One definitely a failure, the other what *could* have been a second failure but turned successful because of some intuiton on my part to stick through it. Lesson # 3: Follow through on committments is another important fail/success measure.

That brings me to where I am at (approximately 2 months later). I have failed so far at every chance I've had in getting that "next gig". And I'm not quite certain why. I made certain to do my career counseling time (provided by the company that let me go). I followed through on that. I updated my resume and LinkedIn account to the best of my ability and honesty with respect to my skill levels. I even been travelling and working through various employment agencies as well as researching job leads on my own and applying to them as I can.

So what *could* I be doing to improve my success rate and decrease that *failure* rate? I had one face to face interview in 2 months now. Statistically, that may be normal or not. I don't know. But I've definitely failed at even getting more interviews going. So what's the deal? Why am I even failing at this?



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