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Why I love (and need) to party


First zine! totally LOVED the experience.
I made the whole approach at my office, I so it so clear that it didn't take long and that same weekend put my hands on the project and just took me two days! It was kinda addicting, and I really enjoyed going back to traditional media (It`s 100% traditional , no computer) and leaving the computer aside.
I didn`t use the folding technique showed here, because I needed a bigger format so this didn`t suit me for this project, I used the traditional sewed bookbinding, but I look foward to make a "folded" zine.
As I said I`ve totally loved the experience and I`ve proposed myself to do at least zine a month (let`s see if I can keep up!) and the theme choosed for my August 2016 and first zine is "Why I love (and need) to party" and I dedicated to my "phriends" (home town friends).

It`s dedicated to them because I`ve been living for the past 18 years in Malaga and everything was ok, but! I went to study to Madrid for two years...and it was amazing... I started going party almost every weekend and I totally loved it (an asside: I`m one of those strange-non-drinking people that have the most fun and wake up as fresh a rose with just a couple of hours of sleep). But when I got back to phriends are ot big party lovers! It`s been a years since I got back and I could probably count with one hand all the times I`ve gone party. Dob`t get me wrong! I love my phriends, but I would prefer going dancing every weekend than going to the cinema every week. But! I girl has to deal with what she has to deal!

So this is a little guide for them, so they see why I'm constantly insisting on my need to party and maybe... we'll jajaja you know what I want ;)






I've named the "editorial" Drama Zine, because "zine" sounds quite like "scene" and sometimes (or most times...) I`m a bit dramatic in a good theatrical way (not sad drama, just...wagnerian in the way I dress/talk/react...) so I thought it would be a good/funny idea.


Well hope you enjoyed this and to see you around my work!
PS:I`ll be posting all my zines on my Behance!
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