Why I blog and 3 inspiring posts

I write a blog on my life coaching business website. My blog is my place to both share about my own life and also offer content that will inspire and help others with the challenges they are facing. I really love to write, and have loved the process of writing for as long as I can remember. I also really love to share my writing. But, I do find that I start to struggle when I think too much about engaging people and "selling" my business and work through my writing. When I bring all that in I tend to get stuck. 

The three posts I'm sharing are from 3 of my favorite bloggers. I actually chose the people more than the posts. The first 2 posts are actually their most recent posts, and it also turns out the posts are superb. The 3rd is one of my favorites from her.

The common theme in all 3 posts is that they are deeply personal, and show true vulnerability. But, they do so in a way that isn't just naval gazing and meaningful just to the writer. The posts have something to offer and help me learn about myself.


Emilie happens to be my closest friend in the world, since we were 9. I'm sure that colors my reading, but she is an amazing writer and this post really captures how much she has grown over the last couple years.


Hannah has an incredible way of sharing in an incredibly intimate way. I love the way she shares her fears and also how she overcame them and created solutions that are more than she could have imagined.


This post is powerful in it's vulnerability. Stepping away from trying to show the world that I am perfect is difficult, and I love that others can help me find my own way. It also helps me feel less alone.


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