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Why I Love to Hate Cersei Lannister

Without truly great villians, Game of Thrones would not be half the compelling, dramatic show it is. Cersei Lannister is one of those great characters. Whether she's involved in an attempt to kill Bran or ordering Arya's direwolf to be killed for "ganging up" on Joffrey, she truly is evil. But she's not just a terrible person-she truly is a villian we love to hate.

Born an older twin by a few minutes, it's obvious throughout the show that Cersei hates the fact she was born a woman and the drawbacks it brings her. As a man and the older son, she would be the heir to the Lannisters and in complete power. But, because of her gender, she is used as a pawn in marriage and her opinion isn't considered important . Cersei enjoys the  power she can get and will do almost anything to gain more.

What makes her more than simply an evil character is the way she is so multidimensional. She is crafty and intelligent, and uses this to her advantage. Every move she makes has a purpose, even if she makes rash decisions at times. She knows how to take control of a situation completely, like the scene where she almost has Little Finger arrested.

Cersei: Seize him. Cut his throat.

Guards grab hold of Little Finger.

Cersei: Wait! I've changed my mind. Let him go. (Says to Little Finger) Power is power.

She knows when to lie in wait and when to make her move. She is cold, ruthless, and like all good Lannisters, always pays her debts.

But what makes her such a complicated character is the rare moments when she shows her vulnerabilties. When it comes to her children or to Jamie, her true feelings show through. When Joffrey's life appears to be in danger or Tyrion sends her daughter away, Cersei tries to protect them.

And that's what makes her real. No matter how many terrible deeds she does or people she has killed, she still has wants, needs, desires, and fears. She's not plain evil, like Joffrey or Daenerys' brother, Viserys. She doesn't have people killed or beaten just because she can. Where Joffrey is cruel, horrible, and pure evil (making Sansa look at her beheaded father or having prostitutes whipped), she is calculating and cold.

She knows the game that's being played and shes knows that, "[w]hen you play the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die."

Isn't it the scenes with the villians that often stand out the most? Whether it's a scene with Cersei egging Joffrey on or The Red Wedding, it's the drama and gripping twists that make us love this show. Without characters like Cersei, the show would be a great deal flatter and less interesting. We love to shout at the bad guys and cheer with the good ones. Those "oh no she didn't" and the "oh my god, what just happened" moments can make or break a show. And that's what keeps us watching, isn't it?


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