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Why Fit It In

I love reading Dr Seuss books to my daughter at bedtime. She thinks the illustrations are fun and weird and we both get a sense of excitement and wonder.

I want to produce a set of four prints of Dr Seuss quotes but for this project my focus will be on 'Why fit in, when you were born to stand out'.

I've enjoyed looking over some of the projects from this course and find people's feedback really useful and very supportive. I hope people might find time to comment on my project and any constructive criticism will be gladly excepted.

Here's my initial sketch. At this stage I think the 'H' is too wide and I'm not sure on how to go about the flourishes.

Flourishes added, inked and scanned. There's a lot to tidy up and I'm not happy with the flourishes at this stage. Might be nice to incorporate some question marks around the 'Why' as flourishes? Not sure.

Okay, so I adjusted a lot of the kerning and the spacing seems more balanced in general. I've reduced the size of the crossbar on the 'H' to help legibility and enlarged 'FIT IN' as I felt the words were fighting with 'when you were' and are more important. Super excited about getting into some textures now. Any feedback hugely welcome.

Flat colour version – Just need to add some textures...

Colour amends, I felt the 'Fit In' was getting lost so I had another go at the colours. Textures now added.


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