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Why 11 million truck owners want this.

When I see trucks driving in a rain storm with a mattress partially covered by a flapping blue tarp, I see a customer.

Ruff Sack was the result of Hurricane Katrina - sort of.  When Rob Ruffino's mom was returning home from Houston after being relocated in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina a lesser storm wreaked havoc on the intended move.  40 trashbags later (the end of a hefty box)  and her personal belongings were loaded into the truck for the long rainy trip back to New Orleans.  There Must Be A Better Way!  And Ruff Sack was born.

The project has been through many iterations and design improvements, culminating in an inexpensive temporary truck storage solution. The products have been well received at tradeshows and by the few people who have purchased these on our website. www.ruffsack.com, but how do I get the word out to the right tribe?


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