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Samantha Braithwaite

Lover not a Fighter



Who's that girl with the pointy ears?

I found the sketch I did for this recently and thought I would give it some colour.


I have cleaned it up a bit and I want to add a blue rim light on the left side of stuff to pop it from the BG.


I am thinking vines in a stone grave.  I was thinking of leading it out to the outside but I think it will just go back into the building.


My sister was giving me heck for the head being too big and the face looking too crisp so I blocked it out again.  Also the armour was a mis-match of random junk and didn't follow any form so I simplified it.  It is also cropped down so it isn't so cramped.


I decided to go with more of a magic card feel.  I have always loved the artwork of the cards so I thought I would make art that would look like it would fit on a card.  I used myself as a model so I can get any angle in any lighting that I need.  I lost the earlier sketches of the line work which is a bummer!


This is the start of a 90's theme elf.  I based the face off the Sweet Valley High Twins


I really like working on the female figure because I have a nasty habit of making them look beefy like steriod men.   Here are my first batch of thumb nails.





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