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WhooNEW.com - Hyper-Local Online Magazine

WhooNEW.com is a lifestyle and culture website that is best described as part BuzzFeed, part Upworthy and all about Northeast Wisconsin.

We create unique content of interest to people living in or originally from the state of Wisconsin - with a particular focus on the Green Bay/Fox Valley area.

Content ranges from entertaining list posts (40 Famous People from Wisconsin) to articles delving into the local dialect, history, cuisine and personalities. But our main purpose is to promote and champion original local businesses, non-profits, and special events.


As an online publisher, we plan to sell advertising. However, instead of the traditional banner ads, our plan is to offered sponsored content to local/regional businesses as a form of "native advertising."

Of course, we are essentially selling the attention of the audience we build.

In addition to selling advertising to local businesses, we will use affiliate marketing (at least in the beginning) to help subsidize the project - promoting relevant, Wisconsin-related products.

Another potential revenue model is using WhooNEW as a way to generate leads for a boutique agency that helps local businesses with content marketing.

- Assets -

Our biggest asset will be offering a new online advertising platform that is solely centered on an audience in a very specific geographic location - making it ideal for the clients we want to reach.

We believe valuable, informative and entertaining content does a much better job of creating customers for local businesses than typical interruption marketing, and it will be far more effective than online banner ads.

We offer a way to promote a business through quality content without going through the process of creating it and building an audience. We've already built the audience you want and can create the content you need.

- Human Resources -

We originally started with four content creators/founders. Two of those people have called it quits - but we also picked up a couple on the way and more and more people have expressed interest in working with us as writers and producers of content.

- Typical Customer -

Sponsored content/native advertising may not be "new," but it is still pretty foreign in the minds of many small business owners. For that reason, clients early on could be considered "Early Adopters" of new forms of online marketing.

They will most likely have a unique business, understand the importance of a web presence and social media as well as technology in general. Being small business owners, they are also going to be busy - without the time to create their own content.

- Challenges -

For Advertising Clients the biggest challenges are:

  1. Promoting an understanding of the value of our method vs traditional advertising
  2. Proving it works - showing clients they're getting an ROI

For Audience Building our biggest challenges are:

  1. Buildling a subscriber/email list
  2. Getting more eyeballs on the less fluffy content

It's not hard to get people to absorb and spread candy-coated content. We're creating a lot of the BuzzFeed type content, because it is helping us build an audience the fastest. While I believe our fun content still has value, I worry that we are training our audience to expect that - instead of meatier stuff.


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