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Wholesome View

BRAND: Wholesome View

SLOGAN: Always Pushing Forward

Wholesome View isn't just a bunch of images on t-shirts and computer screens. It's an ideology that if you keep your head straight and your attitude right, you'll always push forward. 

"Always Pushing Forward" is meant to be a positive message. It means that no matter the setbacks, problems, headaches or heartaches. You will always come out on the other side  unscathed and ready to move forward. 

We started off with a simple tee and a hooded sweatshirt. The t-shirt design was supposed to introduce the brand with an all encompassing design that displayed our name. The hooded sweatshirt features our abbreviated logo to introduce that as a staple for the upcoming releases. 

Peaking interest with family and friends, we decided to release two more items. Another t-shirt and a crewneck. For the crewneck we wanted to do something a little different than just a graphic on the front. We thought it would be different to print on the bottom of the left sleeve, right where a watch would sit. We put the words "Always Pushing Forward" to introduce our slogan, with which we believe very strongly in. 


Learning more and growing more not only as individuals but designers and creatives we decided on our next release. Having an incredibly hot summer we wanted to put the fun back into sweating! We released a t-shirt and a tank top. 

This is the extent of our release catalog. We have many plans and aspirations to take this brand to new heights with different products. We will be posting ideas and images for more feedback from the community. 

These next images are concepts that we have and are thinking about using in the future.  The first one being a play on British Propaganda from old war time.

The next image shows a few patterns and looks we like. We have camo, chevron and a flower print pattern. We'd like to incorporate one of these into our upcoming products.  

Along with patterns, we experimented with different types screen printing inks. What we came up with is something that I am eager to incorporate into future designs.

To promote the brand we made a few items to accompany our products. 

The pins and wooden keychains were received really well. We will most definitely be making more!

Please follow us on instagram! @wholesomeview

Check out our webstore, www.wholesomeview.bigcartel.com

Thank You for checking us out! 


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