Wholesaling your Handmade Arts and Crafts

Wholesaling your Handmade Arts and Crafts - student project

Wholesaling your Handmade Arts and Crafts - Tips for Getting Your First Wholesale or Consignment  Accounts for Your Handmade Business.


Are you looking to sell through stores and boutiques, in addition or instead of craft shows and online market places, but don’t know where to start?


This course will simplify it for you. You don’t need a professional catalogue or even elaborate custom-made line sheets to get your foot in the door for wholesale or consignment clients, you just need to make a good impression through a well thought out presentation.


This course will break it down for you so you can get started getting your work into stores, boutiques and galleries.

This class is for those who are already selling their work either online or through craft shows and want to expand their craft business.

We will go over simple scripts you can use when you are contacting businesses through email, over the phone and in person. This is great for the classic introvert artist who doesn’t know what to say to sell their work.  

For materials and resources to create your catalogue and wholesale material use what is available to you without purchasing anything else. If you have Pages/Numbers or Microsoft Word/Excel this will work just as well as professional level programs.


The class project for this course is to Choose 5 items
you would like to wholesale. Take their photos with
a cellphone or camera against a white backdrop with
non-reflective light. Calculate out the wholesale
price, minimum order or minimum quantity a
business needs to buy to receive the wholesale
pricing. Then find 5 places locally that carry
handmade items and write down their store name,
contact information, what kind of items they sell and
if you could see your items fitting into that store.
There will be a PDF included with examples to get
you going.
For this project you do not need to include anything
personal about your pricing or store and contact
information. You can use abbreviations for
businesses you intend to contact and omit your
wholesaling pricing. This part is just for you to know
so you can get started.


Lessons that will be covered:

1.Decide what to wholesale

2. What to consider when pricing your work

3. Pricing Formula 

4. Your First Catalogue 

5. How to Make a Simple Catalogue

6. Simple Catalogue Part II: Minimum Order vs. Minimum Quantity

7.  Selling Wholesale Without a Catalogue

8. How to Research Businesses that May Buy Your Work

9. Looking at the Competition

10. How to Email You Potential Client

11. How To Cold Call your Potential Client

12. How to do a drop-in. 

13. The Follow Up

14. Replenishing and Adding New Products 

15. Consignment

16. Consignment Contracts

17. How to Create a Simple Order Form

18. Packaging Your Items and Delivery 


The link to my class outline can be viewed here:


 Introduction for my course!





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