Whole In One Health Coaching

After my last post I started wondering if it was still looking too much like whole foods... I took out the O substitution, tweaked the apple, and worked on a version with stylized movement lines to indicate that the apple is rolling into a "whole in one"... it also looks a bit like a spoon....

Hoping to get on last crit in—any comments?

Updated Kerning! : )

Below are 3 ideas for logos...

Concept 1- I was experimenting with the typography and using the apple as both a symbolof good health and a container to hold the text. I'm not sure about the style for this busines?

Concept 2 - I like that this logo has a lightness about it and that the text and drawing have a similar visual weight but to me it doesn't quite feel finished...not sure what it's missing. Adding the long tagline was a challenge with this composition.

Concept 3 - I like the most. I'm hoping that it looks different enough now from the whole foods logo with the modifications I made from the previous round. I used a butcher block wood as a background texture for the first version.

I added a mock-up of a home page to get an idea of how the designs would look in context. This is a site that is already set up for my friend—I just made some small modifications to the photos and colors.


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