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Who can swim? A childrens' book

Here's the idea for my story. I'm not sure if it has been done before, but I'll show it anyway.

The stories called who can swim?

Essentially larger and larger animals jump into the water (or pool not sure yet) and the water level rises progressively.

The questions and answers are divided by an onomatopoiea that the animals make jumping into the water.

With the water level rising and the area getting more crowded with each additional animal(s) the story increases alarm (hoepfully) for the reader. Until the children jump in and everyone is having a fun time in the water.

This story is unique as there isn't really a main character, except maybe in the last few pages that asks the reader if they can swim?

I'm not sure if I should turn the answers from 'yes they can swim' to a rhyme specified to the question, to maybe gain attention from older kids (4 to 8). For instance:

Monkeys can swim,

I decree,

they like to dive in,

from the highest tree.

Let me know what you think, If I should change the animals, and/or the question/answer propostition or anything else. Feedback is welcome.

Thank you!



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