Who am I and Where is my horse?

Who am I and Where is my horse? - student project

Hi! So I guess step one of all this is say a few good things about myself, so here goes. 

Step 1. I'm easy going, funny, open minded, pretty damn genuine, and I can offer tough love if needed

Step 2. Other then post regular update of my writing progress. Services I could provide are critiques, and recordings of readings of either my choosing or fan works

Step 3. Utilize humor to record myself over exaggerate readings from other pieces of work, and if I critique another writers work I can you tough love and an open mind

Step 4. My target audience based on my current work will be new adult/adult. Content advisory warnings all around. my exaggerated readings would be done through social medias like twitter,  I plan to create an instagram dedicated to my author platform, and get a website up and use it to blog. Fridays would primarily be the days I would post, and use Thursdays as backup days if a certain Friday is unavailable. When posting I would utilize the titles of the books I read from, including the authors name. Boom.