Who You Callin' A Shrimp?

Pick a magazine article:

For my project, I chose an article about my new favorite animal the Stomatopod or as some call it, the mantis shrimp. The Stomatopod is a small creature with extraordinary sight and packs a powerful punch enabling them to crush glass and crack the shells of their prey into pieces.

World's Deadliest: Shrimp Packs a Punch

Collect inspiration:

Create an example layout:

Using stock images of broken glass as reference, I traced these photos then added brushes to the strokes to give it a rougher look. I also used the Wrinkle and Scallop tools on certain areas.

Create custom vectors:

I took these paths and used the blend tool on specified steps and blend colour which created some surprising results. The colourful palette is synonymous with the mantis shrimp's shell and spectral wavelength charts.

Add texture to letterforms:

Build your headline:

Create a final layout:


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