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Who Through The Ages

This is my homage to the greatest, most dynamic 'Live' Rock band ever.

The Who.

It all started with a tough little guy named Roger Daltrey who idolized another tough guy named Elvis.
Pete Townsend and John Entwhistle soon joined and the band became known as The Detours. Other  blokes came and went and came again, or shoed up in other guises.

One day at an early club gig, another tough kid showed up and presented himself as a much better drummer than the guy that was on the stage with the act. Pete said "prove it".  Roger describes the moment that Keith Moon started banging his kit as the "sound of an airplane taking off". Keith was in.

From that moment forward...the loudest, most exciting band created a portfolio of sounds, emotions and back-beats that lasts to this very day.

I saw Pete and Roger this past DEC ('12) at New York City's Madison Square Garden, where I'd last seen 'em in NOV of 2000, and before that, at a number of venues in NYC including every decade since the '60s.

The sound and fury of 4 months ago, amplified by a superior video presentation equalled the very 1st time I saw them as an impressionable 13 year old. It was great to see these iconic lads thrumming and bumping and having a ridicoulsly great time...as were we in the audience.

Hats off mates!


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