Kei Henderson

Who Cherry Lou LLC



Who Cherry Lou: Special Delivery 90's Color Block

Find the #WhoCherryLou in you⛩ Definition: Real Life Go Getters! Making no excuses! Making the odds work w/you instead of against you! Not accepting what is but what will!


Who Cherry Lou - I know my brand name brings up more questions than answers but I am ok with that. Too often are people obsessed with the meaning of things and not what things have to offer. Yet, Who Cherry Lou was inspired of my childhood bestfriend Meng. She was Chinese living with a African American family and I had to learn her culture. I am the true story when East meets West. So because of her I learn to Love and embody the Asian culture and celebrations.

1)I decided out of my multiple artworks to share the Special Delivery Design. The concept behind this design came about me being on social media and noticing this generation wants everything fast. The anticipation of success, money, relationships must come fast.


3) My manufacturing techniques: I order the shirt from a wholesaler based out of California and had my artwork screenprinted.


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