Whiteboard Comedy Brainstorm

Whiteboard Comedy Brainstorm - student project

Any of you all seen the Aristocrats?  It's a documentary where comedians sit in make shift conference rooms and discuss and dissect the classic aristocrats joke ---- which starts with a family walking into a talent agency, letting the talent agent know that the performance they are about to see is a 'family' act -- and then proceeding to describe the most vulgar displays of activity known to man.  The more vulgar, the most successful the punchline.

I want to organize a similar group/troupe that dissects comedy from different periods and genres.  Seinfeld.  Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, SNL, etc.

How is this a business?  Creative ideas make $$.  Don't believe me?  Ask Adam Samberg.

So please, join me.  Jews only.  Just kidding.


Meetup to follow...