White petals

White petals - student project

This is the painting I tried after following Kate’s sessions. A neighbour gave me rudbeckia from her garden and I used the paints and advice from the Sunflower series. I added in Windsor yellow deep, which would lift and also quinacridone gold -transparent but staining - and some rose madder genuine. The first painting is of a sunflower in my garden which I painted in the summer .  I intended to revise this,  it ran out of time .. thanks Kate s session so inspiring and rich in ideas.
White petals - image 1 - student projectWhite petals - image 2 - student project
After studying Kate’s tutorial involving a daisy with white petals, I chose some feverfew in my garden, painted one flower, then tried to paint the full plant. I painted the petals with Winsor and Newton Aquapasto, before putting in the background. This made it easier to lift out the white. Finally I used Wallace and Seymour white to enhance the petals. I fear I may have overworked it in the end?White petals - image 3 - student project