White on Black

White on Black  - student project

White on Black  - image 1 - student project

I am going to pre-cut postcard size card to work on but am not limiting myself to this size only.

I will be using loose pages (still can't get on with sketch books!)

Morning's suit me best so I will be doing my art early in the day.

I plan to create for 365 days!!!  It is my 2017 project/challenge!

I will be using a variety of media including gel pens, fine liner pens, watercolour's and what ever else I can lay my hands on!

My first project was white on black using a white gel pen.

For my second project I used the kitchen prompt as a starter and found a Brussels Sprout in the fridge.  I painted straight onto watercolour paper using the wet in wet technique and also building up on dry layers.