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Amanda McKay

My first screenplay..and it won't be my last :)



White Picket Fences


My selection of text: John Steinbeck's "The Pastures of Heaven" chapter three, the Wicks Family. 

I chose John Steinbeck's, "Pasture of Heaven"  chapter three because it made me think of today's reality shows. I will admit, I find myself watching reality shows on housewives. I decided I wanted to write a fictional 70s housewife, and the pressure she puts on herself to keep up a "glamorous" image. 

Chapter three is about Edward "Shark" Wicks, who gets a thrill out of seeking attention from his residents. Shark has the whole town believing he is the smartest and richest business man in town, but in actuality it is all a big lie. Shark and his not so pretty wife, Katherine have a remarkably beautiful daughter named Alice who is unintelligent. Shark will do anything to protect his beautiful daughter's virginity, and forbids her to see Jimmy Munroe whom he despises. However, Edward eventually finds out his daughter kissed Jimmy at a school dance while he was out of town. This information prompts Edward into grabbing a gun, which gets him arrested. At the courthouse, Edward has no choice but to admit to the judge that he has no money to pay for his high bails bond and this ruins his reputation. At the end, Edward's wife, suggests they move and start their lives all over again.

LOGLINE: Blessed with good looks, wealth and a family, this 70s housewife will do everything in her power to make sure no one takes that away from her.

My screenplay will focus on Bridget and her life as a popular and successful housewife set in the 1970s. Draft coming soon!

first draft:


working on 2nd draft where I will have an actual ending. there's so much I want to put in! trying to avoid a cluster storyline.

Can I just point out how freakin talented everyone is on here?! This is my first attempt at writing a script, I definitely need to work on a lot of things but I'm happy I am putting myself out there! Draft 2  and 3 coming soon!!!

draft 2:


draft 3 (more to come!)




this is a fun and creative experience, I'm glad my friend talked me into signing up.


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