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White Kitchen: Style Me Happy

My young family uses our small kitchen in big ways. Daily family dinners, friendly gatherings, and impromptu baking sessions are high priority...we ask a lot of this little space! Several years ago we took steps to update the room, and it went from closed off and unremarkable to what it is now: open, bright, white, and happy. We have the foundation in place with all white cabinetry, a white farm sink, butcher block countertops, and open shelving to replace upper cabinets. We even removed walls to connect the space to the adjoining eating and lounging areas. A big bar/island is in constant use for eating, homework-ing, crafting, and socializing. It is the little kitchen that could. 

The problem is, its been left undone for too long now. As soon as the major work was done we moved on to other areas of our home without ever properly styling to finish things off. I'm left feeling that it could be better...happier...more "us." That's my goal with this course and I'm so excited to get started!


Here are a few images from Pinterest that define my aestetic, specifically pertaining to my kitchen:

What I love: besides the chill vibe, I love the rug. I need a beautiful, bright rug. The current ceramic tile floors are just so-so. They are a natural stone in a natural color with a gray grout...inoffensive, but not what I would have chosen. A moderate sized area rug is the perfect solution.

What I love: the cutting board collection, the wood tones, the hits of black on the beautifully styled shelves.

What I love: the colors. the cowboy hats. the personality. that it looks lived in.

What I love: mixing art and florals into the open shelving.

What I love: that the kitchenware on the shelves is not all white, nor all color, but a balanced mix. 

Common concepts: they all have the same basic white foundation that I am starting with. They all seem moderately sized. They all have open shelving featuring items that are utilitarian and items that are just plain pretty. Pops of color creat interest.


Color: I am dying to use a feminine color in this otherwise neutral space. I am fairly settled on pink at this point, but it will all depend on the rug. I plan to bring in the majority of my color in one area rug. The rest of the color will be smaller accents in dishware and kitchen linens. Here is a palette I pulled using Sherwin Williams's Chip-It feature - I added my own accent colors to complete the mix. Much of this palette is already in play in my space (I have white cabinets, walls, appliances...gray trim, floors...brown wood countertops...metallic backsplash, potrack). 

Pattern: Pattern is very important in this space, especially since most of the pattern will be introduced to this room via the rug. Four sets of human feet and one set of doggie paws travel in/out all day long, so I need pattern to handle heavy traffic. I have a large geometric rug in the neighboring room, so I want to go in a different direction with this space. I'm on the hunt for the perfect (and affordable!) floral or tribal mix. I'd love to find something a little quirky or whimsical. Additional pattern will be present in the kitchen linens (geometric), wooden cutting boards (stripes), and vintage dishware (scandanavian).

Texture: Kitchens have lots of hard surfaces, so I look forward to softening this space up with a casual light-filtering white curtain, plush rug, potted greenery or herbs, and woven bowls of fruit, canisters of cookies and dog treats.


I've edited and simplified my design plans and landed on the following final concept...

Mood Board description clockwise from top left:

+ natural greens and yellows from food and florals (we always have limes on the counter for cocktail hour!)

+ golds  and geometric shapes from tea towels and other kitchen linens

+ pinks from a large floral or persian area rug

+ dark navy from the rug, dishware, and other accents

+ white vintage dishware

+ ceramic and woven planters to hold succulents or herbs in the window

+ my inspiration picture

+ wood tones from butcher block counters and a collection of cutting boards (in use and on display)

+ a colorful patterned area rug with pink and navy accents in a floral or persian pattern

The rug will be the star of the show and I'm actively on the hunt! The rest of the elements will stay pretty neutral and functional. I want the kitchen to be cheerful, inviting, and family friendly. I can't wait to get started!




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