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Whistler Yoga Summit

Whistler Yoga Summit

By Erin Anderson

This project is a stop on the way to a bigger vision! My 10 year goal is to open a leadership and empowerment center in Whistler BC Canada! The foundation is built on embodied practices namely Yoga. 

I have been privliged with exceptional teachers. Teachers who say things like "be up to big things!" and "the job you want may not even exist yet!". Theses teachers have asked me to step into greatness and I feel great when I am for others. 

I love yoga. I love the way it brings people together. I love the way it reveals truth and possibility. I love the strenght and power of it. And I especially love finding ways to empower, touch and inspire my students. 

I live in Whistler, one of the most beautiful places in the world. The air is fresh and the mountains powerful. The lakes and streams are clean and clear, the trails endless. It's the most amazing place to gather! 

My goal is to host a badass Yoga Summit here in Whistler October 15th 2014. This summit will offer classes on asana, anatomy, vision and goal coaching, business and development coaching. Teachers from the US and Canada will be invited and we'll target the pacific northwest. There will be a series of workshops and classes they can attend with a music concert to celebrate. The classes and workshops are intended to advance teachers practices and deepen their offering. This will also be a time for teachers to find support and advice on areas they are stuck in. 

My goal in the first year is 50 teachers and advanced students attending with 5 key educators presenting. 


I have found that I'm clear on what's immediate and what's 10 years out - the middle is muddled. 

1 year: launch the Whistler Yoga Summit Series with 4 classes per year in Whistler leading up to the Summit. 

10 year: I open the Summit Leadership Centre 


One big learning for me is to live my vision NOW. The simple fact that I don't have to wait for the perfect moment, the right scenario, the right anything gives me power. Thanks to this process I've decided to strart - it may be small, but it's like traction and it feels good.

I have created the space for the Summit to exist in small and frequent ways. I LOVE to collaborate, so I asked a local teacher to hold a full day workshop that mimics what my vision of the Summit is. I have called it the Summit Series so that there is anticipation of what's next. This is where I dangle my feet over the edge - I have no idea what's next! Maybe some of YOU do? 

I'm inviting you to the first of the Summit Series! 


Join me, I'm digging in and digging deep, ready to IGNITE!


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