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Kimi Avila

Illustrative design, Sign Painting, Lettering



Whistle while you work

For my phrase I chose "Whistle while you work" from Snow White...i like this quote because not only am i a total Disney fan, but also because it reminds me to stay positive and work hard. After filling my piece of paper with words, I decided/realized i thought it would be cool  letter it in the mood of an old propaganda poster (plus it seems like something your boss would tell you to do...) using industrial colors and a balanced dance between masculine lettering with feminine whimsical flourishes. It just seems to fit the quote...whistle being more feminine...and ther word work bringing more industrial and cool and masculine feelings. Lets see where this goes!....

My list: industrial, whimsical, gems, pic axe, cool colors, 1940s, mining, exadgerated, sing-song, windy/breezy, stone, opposites

My purpose: Poster/Print



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