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Whisper London


“A social life with no boundaries”


Everything we do in life is event driven and about connecting with the world. Once we encounter real people, real passion and real stories we get inspired to go beyond the status quo.

The mission:

Create a world where people are a capable of living and leading an extraordinary social life.


People want to be part of an exclusive lifestyle, but lack the time, network and information to experience it.

Therefore, what?

People end up thinking they have to be part of a selected group in order to experience the perks of their city.

Therefore, what?

Those unable to discover city secrets are left frustrated because they don’t have access to the right network.

Therefore, what?

Let us create a mobile phone application that enables the transfer of knowledge of what you can do in a city. This therefore eliminates the illusion of having to know the right network in order to have fun.

Click here to see what our current editorial team is "whispering" about London. Once the app is ready, the website will reflect the application. We are teaming up with residential club night guru's and well known socialites to "whisper" about their beloveth London.



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