Whismical with a touch of fashion

Whismical with a touch of fashion - student project

I have always been drawn to the whimsical side of life. Long cascading waves of hair with flowers placed just so, stories that bring you in to the point that you wish you lived in these fairytales, with a touch of fashion twisted into all that is life. I enjoy mixing the two into my life and then some.

Whismical with a touch of fashion - image 1 - student projectI, too, made a pinterest board with images to fill my creative thoughts late at night as I sketch. In it you will find whismical photos, fashion photos and some that may not fit the mold I have created. This is because I like the pose of the lady. I want to make sure that during this online class I don't just copy the pose from the photo, but to practice others in different outfits. I want to mix and match so I can learn my niche in sketching and then translate that into my final pieces of art.


Whismical with a touch of fashion - image 2 - student projectI am quite excited for this class and am going to sketch now.

Ta ta!

Jaclyn Cage

Artist. Photographer. Graphic Designer.