Whiskey & Pipe

Whiskey & Pipe - student project

Thanks Sean for this good workshop, I had fun taking photos and you gave me the inspiration to take photos with whiskey and pipes. I'm really not a whiskey drinker or a smoker, so I had to borrow my models :) and they did a fantastic job (even if it was sometimes difficult to focus on the subject).


Whiskey & Pipe - image 1 - student project


I took a ton of photos. Sometimes they don't differ that much from each other because I've tried a lot of small background details. The shape of the whiskey glass is a bit special. There are many ways to capture the reflections on the glass, so I can try many more photos.


Whiskey & Pipe - image 2 - student project


I wanted to create a warm but dark, vintage mood, sometimes with shiny highlights like the glass, other times matt. Sometimes I went more orange when editing, sometimes I pulled out color. 


Whiskey & Pipe - image 3 - student project


Whiskey & Pipe - image 4 - student project


I took photos with my 55 mm lens. I wanted to use wood for the base, but the things I have here aren't that big, so sometimes I had to get too close to my object. I would have liked to have given my motifs a little more space, but because of the small area I didn't know how I could have done it any other way. 


Whiskey & Pipe - image 5 - student project


I am very happy to receive feedback. Are there sometimes too many elements or would you have arranged them differently? Would a different perspective have been better or do you find the editing not so suitable?


Whiskey & Pipe - image 6 - student project


And here with a little smoke;) 


Even if I'm not the whiskey drinker, it smelled wonderful when taking photos. Are you in the mood for whiskey now?